According to survey data from entities related to the trade fairs, exhibitions and similar initiatives sectors, are carried out in Brazil about 320,000 events per year, generating participation of 79,872,000 people, spending U$ 12.5 billion with tickets (air and ground), lodging, entertainment, local transportation (taxi or rental car), among other expenses. The market employs, directly or indirectly, somewhere around 657,280 professionals.


Given the growth rates of the sector and, especially, taking into account the fact that our country has hosted (and still host) expressive and important events, the theme of the Congress will address the various segments: social, technical, cultural, academic, sporting, artistic, business, and with the participation of representatives of specific markets: industry, commerce, services, institutions, organizations, government agencies, etc...


For each market, there will be an auditorium with specific lectures and highly qualified lecturers, given that there are differences in language and methods in the work planning & organization.


The plenary sessions, with the participation of all registered and addressing issues of common interest, will be held daily in the afternoon.


In parallel, integrated, there will be an exhibition of equipment, products and services with booths from market suppliers.







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